In the retirement of FrontPageFront Page Hosting Plans offer you a low cost, affordable, way to build and manage your website. - a bitter sweet farewell.

So is FrontPage coming to an END???
Well no and Yes, not 100% but rather Microsoft will no longer be supporting the FrontPage extensions. This should be a good heads up to those users who like to use FrontPage. Perhaps this might be a nice early heads up for ISP's and those thinking about the future. I won't give the farm away however there are some pretty cool and free tools taking her place. Have a search, I'm sure you can find her replacements.

Is there any history behind FrontPage???
YES!  Did you know that Vermeer FrontPage was one of the first distributed web content authoring applications developed? That was in 1994.
Distributed Authoring on the World Wide Web
Informal Working Group Meeting
E.J. Whitehead, Jr.
On July, 10, 1996

Are there any other interesting historical areas about the history of FrontPage???
YES!  It all started back in 1994 when the software was developed by little known Charles Ferguson, who then produced Vermeer Technologies and only 20 months after making Vermeer FrontPage, sold it to Microsoft for ....$$$$$ wowwy zowwy Dollars. :-O

FrontPage Historical Note: Development of the Vermeer FrontPage product began in 1994 and within 20 months this was heard to of happened...

"Charles Ferguson tells what it was like to create Vermeer Technologies, which produced one of the first software products that made creating web pages fairly easy, and then sell it to Microsoft for $133 million some 20 months later."  DOUBLE  :-O  :-O

What can I do to remember FrontPage???
Smile, an enjoy the fact that you were a part in it all.....  and so with the history of this very historical application comes to it exactly that; History. Before sending her off we may as well take a stroll down memory lane and look at the rich past she was always tidily wrapped within, those boxes that came about through the ages:

Picture of FrontPage 97 Box Picture of FrontPage 98 Box Picture of FrontPage 2000 Box Picture of FrontPage 2002 Box Picture of FrontPage 2003 Box

I would love to have a piece of the history, is there anything I can get that would always remind me of FrontPage???

YES! You are welcome to download the good ole first version of FrontPage Express located here.

With this said, I will leave it to you all to ponder and research what it is that will be coming down the pike. It is a good time to start rolling over to the change that is to come, and rightfully so you can find her replacement online somewhere, somewhere located on a very large website out there in cyber space. ;-)

Should anyone have any questions please don't hesitate to email me and/or reply to this message. I think that even though this is a bitter sweet moment that change is good and that you all will understand why as the power of her replacements unfold. I truly hope that you have enjoyed this little historical piece. I Have had fun writing it and I have had a lot of fun working with this killer app as I hope that you have too.

Unto Bigger and Better things.....

Story by: Scott Bruno
Scott E. Bruno