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Scott Bruno has extensive experience developing and building technology solutions for both the private and public sector from small businesses to start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies at all levels. His technology expertise is complemented by a strong background in business-to-business and consumer marketing.

Since founding Intrawork in 1995, Mr. Bruno has led the company’s development of best-in-class web technologies on the public sector side at the local, state and federal level and has driven the execution of innovative technology solutions on the private side as well. Mr. Bruno has strived to develop Intrawork’s competitive positioning and product offering to make the company a premiere, full service technology provider.

Prior to starting Intrawork, Mr. Bruno held a series of management and web technologist posts at leading companies including ipVerse, Avaya, Bell Labs, Lucent and Hewlett-Packard. Before entering the technology field, Mr. Bruno served in the U.S. Army and is a decorated war veteran.

Mr. Bruno’s undergraduate study is in communications and he completed the Harvard Business School “Interactive Management Series.” He is a member of the International Webmasters Association (IWA), the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and, since its inception, the HTML Writers Guild. Mr. Bruno is also a Charter Member of Microsoft’s Web Presence Developers Program and served on the Microsoft Office 2000 Beta 2 team.

In his off hours, Mr. Bruno has been an avid tennis player for more than a decade including college-level play and has been an active member of the USTA (United States Tennis Association), including heading up its California Central Valley youth program for which he conducted motivational rallies that reached over 65,000 students. Mr. Bruno is an aviation enthusiast who enjoys flying Zagi-brand radio-controlled airplanes as well as a range of other outdoor activities with his family.

“Challenges are opportunities and the better the challenge, the better the opportunity. I enjoy being able to approach a client who has a challenge and set their minds at ease through addressing the challenge with a solution that not only meets their needs, but also exceeds their requirements,” says Mr. Bruno.  “The beauty of this work is that we never see the same identical need or challenge, which makes our work all the more refreshing.”

The Advisory Board and its Charter

As a full service technology provider, Intrawork is committed to working with both private companies and government agencies to meet the unique challenges presented by the constantly changing technology landscape. With such challenges cutting across a range of issues such as: standardization, usability, scalability, reliability and security, it is key that Intrawork be supported by not only its internal knowledge base, but also an external team that can assist Intrawork in carrying out its commitment.

Intrawork recently created a Technical Advisory Board to complement and drive Intrawork's already forward thinking approach to delivering best-in-class technology products and solutions to our clients.

The Intrawork Technical Advisory Board is comprised of individuals whose professional accomplishments in their specific fields bring a combined strength across a range of technologies as well as many of the industries that Intrawork serves. The Advisory Board's charter is to share best in class practices across these technologies and industries. The contributions of this Advisory Board directly impact Intrawork's vision, core decisions and strategies. Look for more details concerning the Advisory Board soon.



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