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Intrawork announces signing of contract with the U.S. Army’s TRADOC’s (Training and Doctrine Command) TRAC Analysis Center. April 21, 2005

San Jose, CA – Intrawork ( announced today that it signed a contract with the U.S. Army’s TRADOC’s (Training and Doctrine Command) TRAC Analysis Center. TRAC conducts operations research (OR) on a wide range of military topics, some contemporary but most often set 5 to 15 years in the future. How should Army units be organized? What new systems should be procured? How should soldiers and commanders be trained? What are the costs and benefits of competing options? What are the potential risks and rewards of a planned military course of action? TRAC directly supports the mission of the Army's major command, the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), to develop future concepts and requirements while also serving the decision needs of many military clients. TRAC analysis enables change.

Intrawork will be charged with providing the TRAC team with a custom web solution that shall be on the latest server environment as well as latest streamlined code and database. “The team was very excited this week when we got news of this contract,” said Scott Bruno, founder of Intrawork. As per when Bruno was asked why Intrawork might have been selected over other agencies he explained, “Apparently some agencies came back and said that the task was impossible to do, I like when we can make the impossible, possible.”

In what is Intrawork’s third government contract in the past three years the company appears to be doing well. Past clients include a demonstration agreement with Ft. Huachuca’s Military Intelligence Center and the re-design of the Silicon Valley’s Santa Clara Superior Court website which was nationally recognized as the top court site in the nation by Justice Served.

Scott Bruno, founder of Intrawork, is a native of Cupertino and a decorated war veteran having served in the Cold War, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq.

Intrawork Leadership Invited to Join Microsoft's Office 11 Beta Team
OCTOBER 2002 Intrawork has been invited into the Microsoft Office 11 Program's beta testing group that provides Microsoft Office 11 end-user feedback directly to Microsoft Office management. Previously, the Intrawork team served on both Microsoft's Office 2000 Beta Gold and Beta 2 teams. "This is truly an honor to again be invited by Microsoft to participate in a very important beta program," said Scott Bruno, CEO of Intrawork.  "It was great to see our input directly affect the Office suite as ultimately released to the public and Intrawork will again be in a position to be directly engaged with the decision makers of Microsoft Office's next release. Ultimately, having your finger on the pulse of an application that is in over 98 percent of America's businesses."

Intrawork Launches New Website for Seascape Tennis Club
SEPTEMBER 2002 Intrawork redesigned the Seascape Sports Club web site. Club management wanted to handle their own updates so Intrawork integrated FrontPage 2002 as the content contribution tool, trained the content contributors and now the club staff manage the site on their own. This website combines scalability to offer a secure area for members only to access features like a tennis game match maker. Such enhanced online member services online will assist in the retention and recruiting of club members.

Intrawork Introduces New WebCourt Product
Increasingly, agencies at the federal, state and local levels are leveraging technology, in particular, the Internet to improve their business processes and to create and deliver informative content and accessible resources and services available online from any location 24/7/365. Intrawork is now bringing such capability to the court system through WebCourt, a stand-alone, custom-built Microsoft FrontPage add-in that allows the quick implementation of the core elements of a web site including standardized navigation, design elements and "look and feel."

Intrawork Completes Website Re-Design for the Superior Court of California    Santa Clara County
JULY 2002
Intrawork re-designed the Superior Court's large-scale external website including the creation of dynamic application building and an extensive Self Service Center. Initially, Intrawork completed a thorough research, discovery, assessment and recommendation process that spanned existing court technologies and web site designs regionally and nationally. From that process, Intrawork executed a re-design that incorporated a standardized template, an easy-to-use interface and ease of content contribution from within the organization. The web site is Section 508 (ADA) compliant and the design and functionality of the site has moved the Superior Court toward meeting the State of California's 2070 rule, known more commonly as the "public access rule," which covers access to court documents via the Internet by the general public. The new site will launch in late 2002.






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