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Have you had it up to here with chasing down colleagues, cross-checking schedules, searching for rooms, confirming attendance, and making changes?

There's never been a faster, easier way for you and your team to schedule meetings, reserve rooms, and round up resources. The Intrawork solution not only eliminates the frustration of phone and email tag, it frees up everyone’s time without tying up your IT infrastructure. Making it simple to integrate Intrawork into your organization. Better yet, it boosts the productivity of your team and everyone on it. Discover a better way to book meetings - from the people who created automated group scheduling.

1. Book meetings in an instant. Set up group meetings in a fraction of the time it now takes you. You’ll have more time to do what you do best – your job.

2. Save tons of money. Low cost of ownership is a hallmark of the solution. Its small footprint and low bandwidth are designed to save you, not cost you.

3. Run on multiple platforms at the same time. This highly scalable solution supports tens of thousands of users on Windows, Mac, UNIX, Java, Linux, and the Web.

4. Get up and running in a flash. Installation and ramp-up time is fast and easy – about 30 seconds per user.

5. Stay healthy and secure. It’s independent of your e-mail system, so it’s immune to viruses and won’t bottleneck your IT department or infrastructure.

6. View everyone’s availability – from anywhere at any time. See busy and free times for people, locations, and resources, even view master group schedules.

7. Sync with your Palm Pilot. Palm synchronization for mobile mavens.

8. Administer the solution with ease. Centralized administration of users and resources via API controls, and a master directory server makes it a snap.

9. Invite people who don’t use our solution (Yet!) As long as they have email, they’re in the loop.

10. Convert time zones on the fly. It automatically converts meetings to the user’s local time zone — especially big given the rise in Web conferencing.

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