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PDF Conversions
Forms and paperwork are a necessary part of doing business - from completing employment applications and other H-R documents to gathering customer information to completing forms for government agencies, for example, to obtain a business license or file legal requests. It has become standard to transform such paper documents into electronic files that can be e-mailed, linked on a web site,  downloaded and even completed and submitted online.

Intrawork offers document conversion services for any file format including PDF, HTML, text, RTF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others.

Interactive PDFs
When we refer to "interactive PDF files" we are referring to when a user clicks on a link from within their browser that brings up a PDF in which the user can actually type in information thereby completing a form and then submit it to a server. While many organizations may steer away from having their own Adobe Server running along side the cluster of their other systems, organizations need to adapt to the e-World while keeping their legacy infrastructure running. As in any project there are phases. Intrawork has found that by offering a stepping stone to the eventual e-organization, it will allow organizations to run legacy processes and current e-solutions side by side.

Semi-interactive PDFs
In the case of the Superior Court of California in Santa Clara County, we knew that the infrastructure was not yet in place to be able to receive a lot of data via online methods. So in order to adapt to the new e-org environment, the court needed some sense of technology and automation while still maintaining their existing paper processes. Creating what we refer to as a "semi Interactive PDF," Intrawork shows where that stepping stone comes into value. We invite you to try this PDF example in which you can click within areas of the PDF, complete the form via computer (as opposed to handwriting).

End Result
The Superior Court offers nearly 100 various forms online as a "semi Interactive PDF," allowing users to click the PDF link from within their browser and once the file is open the user then types in the information directly on the form. Once completed users simply print the form and  and either mail it or bring it to the agency in person. The end result is that the court now has a legible, cleanly filled out form. The user group, in this example, people who need court documents, are exposed to forms and get used to filling things out electronically. Though this process does not use a submit feature to collect the user's data you can see the value in this as a "stepping stone" to what the future may hold for both end users and IT/IS Management.

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