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"A team for your tennis technology needs"

  Intrawork's Tennis Technology Team is proud to offer Tennis Industry Professionals worldwide the competitive advantage via the Tennis Connect System. Backed by the Tennis Industry Association (TIA), hundreds of clubs and leaders in the tennis industry, the Tennis Connect system offers tennis clubs the solid technical foundation needed to get along in today's competitive market. In order to insure that clubs receive excellent technical services the TIA and Tennis Connect have selected Intrawork as their Premier Business Partner. What does this mean to the tennis industry, tennis clubs and club owners? How can tennis directors benefit from Intrawork's services? How can we help you offer a more attractive tennis environment to your customers? A highly professional company that knows technology and that knows tennis now awaits your service requirements.

"Just when you thought Andy Roddick had the best service"

Web Design
When a club comes to us for a web design or re-design of their web site we start by collecting the clubs website requirements and needs. In order to make sure that you are not only getting what you want out of a good web design we also like to offer ideas and the such from our experience with other clubs. For instance many clubs like to have an up-to-date calendar that shows all of the clubs happenings and so forth. We address this requirement by utilizing the Tennis Connect calendaring system which provides clubs with the ability to color code tennis player groups such as men's, women's, and juniors so that users can clearly distinguish their schedule from an often jam packed calendar of events. more to come soon . . .

Website Maintenance
In order to support the investment a club places into their website we have found that many tennis club owners, club directors, tennis pro's and club administrators simply don't have the time to maintain their websites and always keep it fresh. Let's face it, even though our Tennis Connect foundation is rich in user friendly functionality it still requires that a club spend time on their website upkeep in order to keep the site fresh, keep their schedule of events up to date and make for an exciting system for all players to use. Intrawork offers club's cost effective maintenance contracts so that alls the club has to do is send their updates to our team usually monthly. We have found that club updates range in formats from Microsoft word to Adobe PDF, to publisher and more. You cn imagine how streamlined your life might be if you could just hand off all of your updates to someone who will handle. We also offer the training that a clubs staff need in order to maintain their own club sites but it has been our experience that a club would rather simply send, mail, fax or email an update to our team and allow for us to have it up and live in moments. We offer you the choice, the ball's in your court. more to come soon . . .

Branding and Brand ID
When a club's logo, tagline and printed and electronic media are all clearly defined, consistent and synchronized then that club has reached a state of clear brand Identity. Intrawork utilizes top artists, imagery specialists and professional marketers to attain a level of pure club identity. more to come soon . . .

Marketing & CRM
Once a club's brand identity is clearly outlined and designed, and the brand standards are placed at the forefront of the club's website design, electronic and printed materials, it is time to execute the marketing plan. more to come soon . . .


Tennis Club Success Story
San Jose Swim & Racquet Club needed a website re-design and a maintenance contract, and Intrawork delivered. The Legendary Master Professional Ken DeHart was...

Tennis Connect Technology
The technology behind the Tennis Connect System is similar to that of a wizard of Oz; the only difference is that this man (system) behind the curtain is for real. We invite you to come join us in an over-view of what make the Tennis Connect system so powerful yet so simple.

Search Engine Strategies

Intrawork is proud to offer strategic search engine input that often times results in tennis clubs and tennis pro's attaining very high rankings in the search engines. To learn more about how Team Intrawork can make you and/or your club highly visible have a look at our SEO service.