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"Tennis Club Success Story"

  Intrawork's Tennis Technology Team teamed up with Legend Master Professional Ken DeHart to address the needs of the San Jose Swim & Racquet Club. Master Ken DeHart was a pivotal part of the success in turning what was a basic website into a dynamic and powerful club system by using the Tennis Connect foundation and Intrawork's team. Since the Tennis Connect system is so powerful yet so friendly to use it made for a timely rollout of this re-design which then was followed with staff training and an Intrawork maintenance contract. The process of going from design to rollout and maintenance was as follows:

  1. Intrawork meets with tennis club owners, Directors, Professionals, Assistants and/or staff of your club.
  2. The Intrawork team works with the club staff to compile information such as current website info, current pintables, current logo, brand and marketing programs.
  3. Team Intrawork then performs an assessment of the clubs current conditions and benchmarks, or measures the clubs current burn rate.
  4. Website designs are produced and then presented to the club leadership.
  5. Website designs become platform for discussion as the Intrawork team continues to adjust the design examples to fit the club's brand and leaderships requirements.
  6. After several revisions a decision upon the site design is finalized.
  7. Club content with text, images and information is collected and implemented into the club website.
  8. The new club website launch is scheduled and executed
  9. Intrawork maintains content on an ongoing basis
  10. Staff trained to execute updates to website
  11. The club now supports a highly functional and user friendly website with the ability to grow in real-time and maintain updates ensuring a fresh, timely and professional web presence.

One of our most important goals in designing your website is to produce an environment by which the information that is offered on the club website assists in minimizing the time players, members and staff must make phone calls or other enquiries into the club for assistance. The reason we focus greatly upon this goal is because we know that most club owners, tennis and swimming pro's and staff members would like to spend their time on important tasks rather than upon tasks that could otherwise be automated by technology.

To have a look at the San Jose Swim & Racquet Club's website redesign we invite you to check it out at


Search Engine Strategies

Intrawork is proud to offer strategic search engine input that often times results in tennis clubs and tennis pro's attaining very high rankings in the search engines. To learn more about how Team Intrawork can make you and/or your club highly visible have a look at our SEO service.